Hoblitzelle Foundation

How to Apply

How to Apply

The foundation has three meetings per year to consider grant proposals:


Proposals Submitted by:

February 15 – April 15
June 15 – August 15
October 15 – December 15

are considered by the end of:



Step 1


If you have questions concerning the qualifications of your grant request, please contact the foundation at info@hoblitzelle.org or by calling (214) 373-0462. We welcome the chance to discuss grant opportunities with you prior to submitting an application. Please review the “What We Fund” section for current guidelines and funding interests.

Step 2


There are several ways to submit your grant application.  In addition to general information about the organization, the specific capital request, and the budget, the following information should be sent with your grant application:

1.       IRS Exemption Letter
2.       Organization’s most recent Form 990
3.       Organization’s most recent audited financial statements
4.       List of Board of Directors
5.       Review of other financial support the Organizations has received over the past three years from other foundations and major donors.


Option 1

Submit a grant electronically via the online application link above.  If this option is selected, the questions on the grant application may be answered directly into the online application.  Additionally, the required documents listed above can be uploaded into the online system. If you believe your organization has previously applied for a grant, it’s likely already in the system. We will assign you a user name and password associated with this account by calling 214-373-0462.

Option 2

Submit the grant application to Hoblitzelle Foundation via e-mail to info@hoblitzelle.org, via mail to 5556 Caruth Haven Lane, Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75225, or via the physical dropbox outside the Hoblitzelle Foundation offices.  Please note that requests will be loaded into online grant application system by Hoblitzelle Foundation staff, and subsequent communication about this request will come via e-mail.

Step 3


Hoblitzelle Foundation will communicate with potential grantees through a variety of medium, including phone, mail, and/or e-mail.  If additional information is needed to support the grant request or if a site visit is to be scheduled, the organization will be contacted by Foundation staff.

Grant decisions will be e-mailed by the end of May, September, and January, approximately six weeks after the grant request deadline.   

Reporting for Active Grants

You can access the grants management system to submit the grant agreement or grant report.  To request funding or report progress made toward a matching condition, please e-mail info@hoblitzelle.org.